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There is growing evidence that shows our built environment has a profound impact on our health, wellbeing and productivity.  As such, we are spending more time and money on preventative health measures.

WELL Space offers wellbeing services to support you in designing and building environments with a new human-centered approach. Here’s what we do;​

  • Consulting on projects applying for WELL Certification through The WELL Building Standard™

  • Create environments with health & wellbeing outcomes

  • Gap & feasibility analysis of existing tenancies/buildings against wellbeing goals

  • Review of proposed upgrades to buildings/tenancies against wellbeing goals

  • The WELL Building Standard in house training for industry & WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) training

  • Reviewing products against The WELL Building Standard™ for compliance

  • Tenant & employee engagement presentations​

  • Wellbeing Engagement training sessions for Management & HR

Marketing & Economic Opportunities of a WELL Space:

  1. Attract & retain employees, clients & investors

  2. Maximise performance of employees to drive profitability

  3. Build brand equity through leadership & innovation

  4. Promote health passively to 100% of employees 

  5. Future-proof your workplace & business

  6. Meet corporate social responsibilities

  7. Enable positive engagement externally & internally

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