We Are Wellbeing Consultants For Your Environment

There is growing evidence that our built environment has a profound impact on our health, wellbeing and productivity.  As such, we are spending more time and money on preventative health measures.

We offer services to support you in creating spaces & culture with a new human-centered approach that have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

These are spaces that take an holistic view of a person's health covering; physical, mental, social, financial wellbeing as well as their environment.

Here's What We Do

  • We work with you as your Wellbeing strategists, developing & delivering wellbeing goals for both your spaces & culture

  • Consult on projects applying for WELL Certification through The WELL Building Standard™​

  • Gap & feasibility analysis of existing tenancies/buildings & upgrades against wellbeing goals

  • The WELL Building Standard™ training for industry 

  • Reviewing products against The WELL Building Standard™ for compliance

Here Are The Benefits​​

Attract & retain employees, clients & investors

  • Maximise performance of employees to drive profitability

  • Build brand equity through leadership & innovation

  • Promote health passively to 100% of employees 

  • Future-proof your workplace & business

  • Meet corporate social responsibilities

  • Enable positive engagement externally & internally

  • Create better environments

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