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Help Your Workforce to Re-Connect With Their Resilience & Be Transformed

What would it mean for your company to have a workforce that are ENGAGED AND PRODUCTIVE? If you discovered a simple guide that would INCREASE engagement and productivity by reducing staff turnover and presenteeism, would you jump on it?

How would it feel like to have a team that can not only attract quality clients, but build long lasting, fruitful relationships by serving them with confidence and ease?

As human beings, we have natural resilience. Somehow, someway, we have disconnected from our resilience. This is leading us to be constantly stressed, affecting our health, focus and ability to function at our optimum level, both at work and in our personal lives as we try to juggle ever-growing responsibilities.

The average person spends 70%  of their waking hours at work, or on work related activities.
There IS NO BOUNDARY between work and life anymore! What happens at home is replicated at work and vice versa.
Reduced resilience creates a detrimental disconnection between SELF and EXTERNAL triggers.

Experience tools that will RE-CONNECT your workforce to their RESILIENCE and ultimately, to themselves, to lovingly create a life that lights them up! And in the process SKYROCKET your company to a preferred workplace that is ENGAGED , PRODUCTIVE and attracts QUALITY clients and people.

In our 1 hr showcase, we will show you how we can teach your workforce to RE-CONNECT TO THEIR RESILIENCE and counteract the overwhelm of modern life through four significant tools:

Environment by Eminè Mehmet: Resilience is hindered by external stressors. We will look at three easy areas in your work environment you can adjust to reduce stress and enable a smoother, natural re connection to self.

Emotional Freedom through Feeling by Amy Webb: Feeling, allowing and accepting our sensations, rather than numbing to them, creates a profound impact on building Inner Resilience. Learn how to safely feel your emotions as they pass through, and experience the effects on your state of mind, energy levels and clarity.

Sleep by Elina Winnel: Resilience is significantly impacted by our sleep quality and quantity. We will look at how to optimise your sleep to give you a resiliency secret weapon.

Movement by Vanessa Leone: Resilience is learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. We will delve into how exercise helps re-connect with resilience, which has tremendous carry over into work and family situations.

Be at the forefront of the healthy workplace movement and create an environment that supports the HOLISTIC wellbeing of your workforce.

Register to Attend This Free Session on Wednesday 3rd October, 6.00PM and Revolutionise Your Workplace!